About Me


I’m a twenty-something, stay-at-home mom living in the San Francisco Bay area who is passionate about hiking and attempting to maintain a balanced life with a new baby.

It isn’t easy being a new mom. Exhaustion makes it difficult to exercise or maintain a healthy diet. Hiking is a great activity for both mama and baby. While Eleanor and I have had plenty of hikes that were filled with crying and needed to be cut short, it doesn’t keep me from getting back out there. All of us mamas know, nothing goes as planned with a baby in tow but the adventures of the trail teach you to just keep moving forward.

I started this blog to share my experience of hiking with a baby and to explore the idea of staying connected to your passions and maintaining your fitness while taking on the most demanding job of all, motherhood. I hope to inspire other new mamas to get outside and start hiking with their babies.

Let’s share our love of nature with our new little humans. Together we can teach the next generation to love and respect mama earth and all that she provides us.