Edgewood County Park – Redwood City, CA

March 29, 2016

It was a beautiful, temperate spring day in Redwood City. Eleanor and I set out to explore the trails of Edgewood Park in Redwood City, CA. I had never been to this park before so I kept my fingers crossed it would be stroller friendly. We planned to hike the loop described on bahiker.com, but since I had no cell phone service once we arrived, I had to wing it instead.

We grabbed a map and set off on the Edgewood Trail.


Edgewood Park: hike details

This trail started under the oaks with a steady climb uphill. The trail is single track but wide enough for the Bob stroller. This is a popular spot for trail runners. I’m looking forward to coming back to jog with Eleanor once she is old enough.


The greenery has been responding well to all of the recent rain our thirsty state has been getting. It is always so rewarding to hike this time of year. The sound of June bugs were buzzing away along with birds chirping and the hum of the highway just a few miles away. Eleanor was taking it all in.

Edgewood Trail junctions with Old Stage Coach Road where we took a left and headed up the hill. Old Stage Coach Trail is a wide fire road that is a smoother ride for little E.


The uphill climb will get your heart pumping but is totally doable pushing the stroller. As we kept climbing we were surrounded by more sprawling green hills and oak trees. I always think how beautiful this area was just 100 years ago.


We reached our first view of the bay below but Eleanor had already fallen asleep. It was such a beautiful clear day.



At the junction of Old Stage Coach Road and Franciscan trail we took a left and headed down the Franciscan trail towards Live Oak Trail.


View from Live Oak trail looking towards the junction of Old Stage Coach and Franciscan.


One final view of the bay before we continue down the hill to Serpentine Trail.


It was a picture perfect day.


Some Lupin on the Serpentine trail as we wind our way back down to the car.


Once we reached the end of the Serpentine trail we had a bathroom break and a little bosom nectar for E before we hopped back in the car and headed home.

I will return to Edgewood Park before this season is over. It is stroller friendly and has medium traffic on a weekday. Enough to make you feel safe but not too many people to make you wonder if you are even in nature. There is plenty of parking (probably not on weekends, however), bathrooms, and picnic tables. Overall it is a well maintained park that is worth a visit in the spring time when the wild flowers are blooming and the weather is not too hot. Only downside, no dogs allowed. I always miss my pups when I’m out on a trail that they are not welcome on.


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