The Stanford Dish – Stanford, CA

April 22, 2016

Well known among dwellers of the peninsula, The Stanford Dish is a popular trail for runners, walkers and mamas with strollers. Although I’ve lived in the area for about 4.5 years and driven by it dozens of times, I’ve just recently gotten around to visiting.

I’m more of a dirt trail away from civilization type of girl. The Dish is an urban “hike,” where you won’t have to worry about dirtying your shoes or losing cell phone service. As with all urban hikes, it is very high traffic, which also tends to be unappealing to me. Generally, if I see more than 2 other hikers, it’s crowded.  


At The Stanford Dish there are many runners, walkers, and other mamas getting their sweat on. It’s basically a Lululemon runway filled with Fitbits and firm yoga bods. Think ridiculously fit men running with no shirt and baring their six packs for all the world to see… on second thought, maybe the crowds aren’t too bad. Despite the crowds it is a worthwhile visit if your goal is to get your sweat on with baby. 

The dish on The Stanford Dish

The 4 mile loop is paved and is a great walk for Mamas with strollers. There are several hills and you’ll really be feeling this one in the buns! The trail is almost entirely exposed with just a few spots of shade. If you park at the Alpine Road entrance you will hit your 10,000 steps for the day. There are no benches for nursing, no drinking fountains, trashcans, or bathrooms. I suggest walking this trail in the spring when the grass is green and the views across the bay are beautiful. I’ve only visited on weekdays and even then parking was filling up by 10:30am.


A perfect place for a springtime stroll


The Stanford Dish is great for mamas with strollers who want to get a run in. I’m setting a personal goal to be one of those annoyingly fit people running by you with my stroller. C’mon guys, a girl can dream! As for a nature walk, this trail stinks. I wouldn’t come here to recenter myself among the trees, considering there are none. Its purpose is for a mama to get her sweat on and tighten those buns, which all of us mamas can appreciate! 

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