Wunderlich County Park – Woodside, CA

July 12, 2016


Wunderlich Park is a pretty slice of nature just outside of the suburban sprawl. This park is popular among horseback riders as it has a stable and corral. The last time I visited there was a cute horse hanging out in one of the corrals and Eleanor got to meet her first horse! I enjoy coming here since it is well travelled and feels safe for Eleanor and I to hike alone and it is only a 20 minute drive from my house.

Wunderlich Park – Hike to The Meadows

Wunderlich park is located off Woodside Road in Woodside. There is a parking lot that I’ve always managed to find a spot in but I haven’t visited during peak hours. There is a bathroom and a picnic table next to the lot. Grab a map and head out.

There are two loops that I have done, one is longer than the other. Either way, you will begin from the parking lot and follow the trail that begins next to the stable. You will continue on the Bear Gulch trail, steadily climbing in elevation until you reach “the meadows.”





The trail is single track but mostly smooth and stroller friendly if you don’t mind a little elevation. You will steadily climb through wildflowers and redwood groves until you reach the summit, a beautiful open meadow. The view is beautiful and it almost feels like you are deep in nature since you cannot see any houses or city sprawl below. There is a bench where you can sit and take it all in. It’s a great place to stop for a picnic, to nurse, or to just enjoy the view.


Once you reach the meadow, you can take a wider fire road back down to the parking lot, or you can continue along the single track for a bit longer, until it eventually meets up with the fire road.





You’ll spot many deer, wildflowers, oaks, and eucalyptus trees. I just love the smell of a eucalyptus grove. As you wind back down to the parking lot you’ll catch a few glimpses of the city below, eventually walking past the corrals and back to the car.

A great local hike

Wunderlich park is a great hike for people living on the peninsula. This has become my go-to hike when I need a good workout, want to get in the trees, but don’t want to drive too far. The elevation gain makes for a decent workout. It’s a great trail to jog, however, probably not with a stroller. It is fairly crowded considering it’s proximity to the suburban sprawl, especially on weekends. The only downside is that dogs are not allowed since the trails are frequented by horses.

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